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Old Guest Book

This old guestbook is closed. You can read the posts until August of 2014 of my fans. Please use the new guestbook if you want to write me some nice words. Kisses.

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(137) Ara
Tue, 23 October 2012 11:55:26

Hi Mistress Tugce,

I should confess that I have become addicted to see your divine feet. They are so perfect and ant in my idea at their best, whilst you paint the nails bright red . Your long toenails are the most perfect ones. I wonder how they can be grown long so perfectly. I'd like thank you for your special generosity to place so many high quality photos in your site. I was wondering if you highness, could kindly add some videos of foot worshiping or POVs to your site or simply in to YouTube. I and many pathetic slaves in all over the world would be very grateful. Special thank to you Goddess.

(136) bego
Fri, 19 October 2012 07:34:34

Dearest nice woman

please put the new videos especially footjob without nylons and with max lenght from your toenails


(135) hasan
Wed, 17 October 2012 21:17:19

Slm efendim ben hasan istanbul maltepede ikamet ediyorum sizde seans talebinde bulunmak istiyorum degerlendirirseniz sevinirim

(134) Mistress Lady Leyla
Wed, 17 October 2012 17:15:48

Merhabalar Mistress Tugca. Sizin web sitenizi bulmak benim icin cok guzel. Belki birgun ben Turkiyeye gedigimde veya siz Ingiltereye gelirseniz, beraber 'double dom' yapabiliriz!

(133) hakan
Sun, 14 October 2012 12:59:49

tugce hnm sizinle seans istyrm istanbulda yada ankaradaysanz lütfn haber verin

(132) erkan
Tue, 9 October 2012 23:04:36

tuğçe hanım sizinle bir seans yaşamak istiyorum. tabii ki kabul ederseniz.

(131) kadir
Sun, 7 October 2012 08:51:15

merhaba tuğçe hn. seans almak istiyorum.

(130) slave
Wed, 3 October 2012 20:48:28

ayaklarınızı yalamak istiyorum fakat size nasıl ulaşacagımı bilmiyorum sayın mistress tugçe bana bilgi veriniz lütfen

(129) ads
Wed, 3 October 2012 19:23:00

Mistress, I am in Istanbul and want to serve you..How and where?

(128) Your slave
Tue, 2 October 2012 23:44:46

From time to time. My Mistress come with more than sexy photos. I love clog album and I would like to lick your feet and clog until shine.

I love you my mistress.

Your Slave