Fetişizm'in ateşi BDSM'in tutkusu
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tugce-r-360Welcome to my home of limitless pleasure.

It`s nice to see you.
I`m Mistress Tugce (written in Turkish Mistress Tuğçe) a well known Pro Domme from Turkey. I`m living in the metropolis Istanbul. Fetish and BDSM are my lifestyle and I like to dominate. Do you like to be dominated, to be used by a Lady and are you fascinated by beautiful female feet? If you can see your way to your fetish heart being submissive come to me.

Become acquainted with me and my life.
In my spare time I do my job as a fetish model. A taste of this work is integrated into the albums. There`re also short fetish clips. Everything I`ve done in my life was and is my passion. My desires for my dark sides open up realizing deepest imaginativeness.

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I don’t want to waste time. Fetish and BDSM are my passion. I like to live out my lifestyle. The job of a pro domme isn’t really a job for me. It’s passion so I really love my job.

My website is just the beginning of a journey. Would you like to go along with me?
Please visit me again from time to time…or everyday :) I like being in great demand :-)


Mistress Tugce